Research Spotlight
Research Spotlight

Research is not all about changing the life, but also enjoying it. Nicole Bird, an undergraduate student in LiuRG, used a simple Arduino system and low-cost soil sensors to monitor the health of her cactus. This is possibly not as fancy as some other research. But why not? This is life and fun!

Education Spotlight
An Educational Group

LiuRG takes the successful involvement in K-12 educational activities as a major criterion for gauging the success of the group. A recent event involved a group of high school students from Detroit. Stories can be found at the Daily Mining Gazette and the TV6.

Amazing Resources

Spring arrived late in the past two years. That gave us more time to enjoy the snow at Riply Sky Field. As summer arrives, it is time to enjoy this quiet and gorgeous place as shown in the picture (a normal evening in fall of 2013).

What is new?
LiuRG is on Newspaper

The Daily Mining Gazette interviewed with Dr. Liu to report LiuRG's research on intelligent infrastructure.

Chao graduated with honor

Chao obtained his Ph.D. in spring 2017 after working with Dr. Liu for three years. His great achievements helped him receive the Finishing Fellowship (Graduate School), Outstanding Scholarship Award (Graduate School), and multiple travel grants. Upon graduation, he received a postdoc position from Dr. Ning Lu at Colorado School of Mines.

Ting was nominated for excellent teaching

Ting was nominated for the teaching award! He worked as a teaching assistant for the soil mechanics class for three semesters since he joined Tech. In each semester, he taught two lab sessions and graded the students' lab reports. Michigan Tech is well known and also proud of its high-quality undergraduate education. LiuRG will continue contributing to that.

Dr. Liu delivered a presentation at UMich

Dr. Liu visited the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor and delivered to a presentation on the history, state of the art, and trend on multiphysics and multiscale studies in geotechnical engineering in March 2016. Dr. Liu also met with Drs. Richard Woods, Dr. Roman Hryciw, and Dr. Radoslaw Michalowski. Thank Xunchang, Junxing and Zhijie for the help.

Dr. Liu attended Geo-Structure Conference

Dr. Liu attended the 2016 Geo-Structure Conference in Phoenix, Arizona. Dr. Liu also participated in a short-course for instrumentation in soils and structures.